Our Mission
To find opportunities within the health care service for improvement.
To create new services that was not available in the healthcare industry.
To discover omitted areas that was under-developed or un-promoted.

With a mission to improve healthcare in the Kingdom, setting sights to improve existing services, or currently underdeveloped or not available in Kingdom, Sela Medical has identified the treatment of diabetes and kidney diseases as vital.Today the average saudi national is overweight, resulting in an alarmingly high rate of diabetes, with up to 30% of the Saudi population suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Undergoing one of the largest diabetes crisis in the world, the situation will only worsen with the number of diabetic patients in the Kingdom expected to grow many folds by 2030, with spending on its treatment expected to triple in the coming 20 years. The demand for diabetes services is extremely high and escalating and is critical. Sela Medical is looking for partners with leading diabetes care providers to alleviate this urgent need.